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Take some time out of the festival to share some discussion about your favorite book genre.

We've selected six genres and have authors in those genres ready to talk about their books, as well as people's favorite books in the genre. It's a great opportunity to meet people with similar reading likes!

All of this is happening at the OneohOne Gallery, located directly next to the Vendors at the corner of Macdonald and Main Streets, and The Nile Coffee Shop, located immediatley next door.

Festival start at 2:00pm  OneohOne Gallery  The Nile Coffee Shop
3:00pm The Popularity of YA The Place on the Page - The Importance of Settings and Locations
to 4:00pm Valerie Ipson M. Tarquini
  Sara Fujimura Matthew O. Duncan
  Kathy Peach Ann Griffin
  Ross Caligiuri Ronald Tobin
4:30pm Poetry - Still Going Strong Believably Fantastic - How Fantasy Can Feel More Real
to 5:30pm Bill Campana Jewel E. Leonard
  Jacob Friedman - V C P C C W Five Smiling Fish
  Sheryl Brooks Sandy Wright
  Tolsun Books Scott Ashby
6:00pm Writing Diversity I Did It - New Authors Share their Publishing Story
to 7:00pm   Brick Cave Media
  Teressa Irizarry Five Smiling Fish
  Ann Griffin Ross Caligiuri
  Ronald Tobin Lori Severson
Festival end at 8:00pm