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Here is a convenient Question and Answer for the upcoming Mesa Book Festival. Got a Question that isn't answered here?

Send it to us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Q: When & where is the festival?

A: December 9th, 2pm-8pm. It is an outdoor affair on McDonald St. in DT Mesa, between Main and 1st AVE.


Q: Is there a cost to be an attendee?

A: It's totally free to the public. Save that $ and spend it with the authors who are participating.


Q: I'm an author (or a publisher or a book seller), can I reserve a space (and how much)?

A: Yes, but not until we open registration. Space pricing and registration will be opened on August 1st (for the 2017 show).


Q: I'm not an author, or a bookseller, or a press. Can I reserve a space?

A: That will depend. We will be curating non-literary vendors to balance the event. More info when we have better defined what that means.


Q: I'm an author, I have books, I want a space, but I hate dealing with sales. Can you help?

A: YES! We will have 2 exclusive booksellers, Bonny Books and Duncan's Books and More, that will be available to handle transactions for your books. They will also handle all sales tax and otherworldly government entity requirements, as well :). More details when registration opens.


Q: Why a big poetry open mic?

A: We like Poetry. It's kind of a thing for us :). Poets will be able to register when we open event space registration.


Q: I write (pick a genre). Can I get a space?

A: YES! We want authors across all genres and styles. The more variety we can promote, the more audience we expect will attend.


Q: Will you have attendee bags? Can I put a flyer/coupon/fun toy in it to promote my thing?

A: YES! Go here, scroll to the bottom, and click the "buy now" button.