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[Mesa]- Anthology, Inc., the organizers of the Mesa Book Festival, today announced the intention to hold their 4th book festival on December 4th, 2020. that intention is tampered with a series of checks and balances that the organizers have put in place to monitor the progress of efforts against the pandemic.

The event will be held at Benedictine University Mesa, 223 E main St, Mesa, AZ 85201. In determining to move forward, the organization announced a set of actions to ensure that should conditions change, the event could be changed or postponed with minimal impact to participants, including:

Monthly Posted Planning Updates. The first week of each month, the organizers will post an update based on the information collected during the previousl month, including changes in pandemic related conditions and guidance from Federal, State and Local authorities. If conditions worsen, a determination will be made and announced during on of these updates.

Pre event assessment of all festival processes and visitor access. With our hosts at Benedictine Univesity, we will review and asses all points of access for attendees and participants and make sure we have as safe an experience for all participants and attendees as possible.

Delayed vendor registration. Vendor registration will be moved back one month to September 1st, to allow vendors the logest possible time frame to assess their own safety and participation without feeling like they may not be able to vend.

Ways to Stay Informed

  • As we move forward, we encourage all interested persons to join the Anthology Email List to receive updated information.
  • All status updates and progress news related tot he Festival will posted to the Mesa Book Festival area of Anthology.org. Only programming and event detail information will be updated on this site.
  • The festival has a presence on Facebook and Twitter, and you can follow Anthology.org on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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